Protecting You and Your Family Against the Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation.

Electromagnetic (EM) Radiations are everywhere surrounding us, in our home, in our office and in our car. The sources include power lines, household appliances, Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, and other wireless devices, as well as electronics and electrical appliances.

Leading experts have confirmed that over exposure to EM Radiation has attributed to health issues such as Cancer | Insomnia | Frequent Headaches | Fatigue and Low Energy Levels | Difficulties in Concentration | Irritations and Degeneration of the Eyes | Hyperactivity and Learning Difficulties in Young Children | High Blood Pressure | Pregnancy Risk | Lower Testosterone | Memory Loss | Accelerate Aging | Alzheimer..

What the experts are saying about EM Radiation.

Why Autism in Children is on the rise?

What EMF Hazards Summit 2023 has reviewed?

What is not seen could be more dangerous!

Almost all Electrical and Electronics Appliances emit EM Radiation, especially Wireless Devices.

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