Studies from Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of USA has discovered that our bodies absorbed the most radiation in the range of 30MHz to 300MHz, therefore this is the most dangerous frequency range.

emGuarde is engineered with a Patented Technology to harmonized or cancel off the harmful radiation up to 1GHz frequency.
Its technology is endorsed in many International Innovation and Invention Communities.

emGuarde is small in size but big in protection over your family’s health.
Measuring only 200mm x 100mm x 50mm.

There is no internal battery, making it maintenance free. Simply plug and play. Can even be used in your car or onboard plane.

Effective coverage of spherical radius 4 meters, total coverage 8 meters diameter.
Effectiveness can be affected by static charges in the room, mirror or reflective surfaces and any metal claddings in the range.

Change Your Environment, Change Your Life.

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